Q: What is TOCOOP?

TOCOOP is a platform to connect people with a smart algorithm can double your(and your friend's) money.

Q: What is TOCOOP card?

TOCOOP card (invest card) is a digital card with unique card number on it. It has 5 place for your friends and as soon as you fill it with 5 friends, your money will turn double.

Q: How much my friends should pay to join my card?

Your friends will pay same amount as you. for example if you bought a $10 card, they will pay $10 to join you and they will have their own new same card and they can double their money as well. they will invite 5 people and withdraw $20(in this example)

Q: Who is TOCOOP for?

TOCOOP is for everyone who wants to have a new experience of new generation of money making.

Q: How old is TOCOOP?

The original idea was from 1989, we had researches may times and at last project start working from 2016.

Q: Which devices can I use?

You can use TOCOOP on smartphones, tablets, and even computers.

Q: Will you have ads? Or sell my data? Or steal my beloved and enslave my children?


Q: How are you going to make money out of this?

We believe in fast and efficient system who has benefit for everyone. Also, when you want to withdraw your money, we will have %10 as payment transaction and other fees.

Q: I bought a card. what will happen to my money?

Your money will distribute on system. system will make your money to smaller parts and divides that with other people. It means that you will receive some systematic helps whilst you are filling your card as well.

Q: What is the TOCOOP concept? How it works?

You will buy a invest card, your favourit card. Ask your friends, family, colleague... to join you. (we will give free invest card to them as well). when you fill your card by number of people, it's done. you have your money double. you can withdraw your money in cash and exit or you can buy new card.

Q: Who can I invite to join my card?

You can invite everyone. every time you buy a card, you will have a unique number and you can invite your friends, family, colleagues, strangers and... to join your card.

Q: How do I invite my friends?

After you buy a card, there is an "invite friend" button that you can easily send your card's URL to your friend.
also simply by going to www.TOCOOP.com your friend can enter your card number and join you.

Q: How do I cash out when I finish my card?

Withdraw money is very easy on TOCOOP. go to menu, on Payment Request secton and withdraw your money. You can have your money on your Paypal account, Money gram or Western union.
You can also buy new card with all or a part of your balance.

Q: Why should I trust you?

There is nothing to not trust. TOCOOP is not investing on your money, or working with money. There is no risk, not for you and not for the system. TOCOOP is just a smart platform with an intelligent algorithm which can make more money for you.

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TOCOOP goal is to double each user's money.
You just need invite 5 friends willing and eager to double their money.
TOCOOP is unique system and easy to understand without any risk.
So what are you waiting for? Login to Tocoop, Join a Tocoop card and start.